Genesis financial history 1994-2008 has been summarised below:  [NZ$million]

  HealthAgBioTotalForeign Exchange Inflow
 Total Government Funding  
 Private Funding    
 Collaboration & Licensing Revenue 41.067.3 108.3 70.04
 Capital Raised   77.5  77.5 11.63 estimated 
 Miscellaneous income 13.3 13.3  
 Total Private Funding131.8 67.3209.1  
 Total Cash Inflow    134.774.4  209.1  
 % Government Funding 2.15% 9.52% 4.78% 

As demonstrated in a case study of San Diego, one company can make an enormous difference to the growth of a sector in a particular region. For New Zealand the case could be made that Genesis Research & Development was a key company to spur the growth of the NZ Biotech Industry. Genesis, for example, once employed each of the following individuals listed:

Company Founders:

AndroGenix        Keith Hudson

LanzaTech        Richard Forster & Sean Simpson

Pictor                   Anand Kumble

SLIM Search       Lenny Bloksberg

Chief Executives:

UniServices    Peter Lee

Canterprise    John Chang

Living Cell Technologies     Paul Tan

Ovita                Damian Camp